Community of People

Harpenden Helping Hand
Harpenden Helping Hand is a Charity founded in 1971. Their volunteers provide help to anyone living in Harpenden who needs a ‘helping hand’ whatever their age and whatever their circumstances. 

Volunteers are able to drive people to local hospitals, doctors’ and dental surgeries and opticians when taking public transport or a taxi would be difficult. All they ask is as much notice as possible, and a small donation to the charity for the help received. They can also help by taking people who have difficulty shopping alone to the shops or, if they are housebound, by undertaking their shopping for them. Volunteers can befriend the housebound or offer respite to a carer.

Harpenden Trust

The Harpenden Trust knows that many people living on their own would welcome more regular contact. That’s why it has helpers who will call round for a chat and perhaps a cup of tea.