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Harpenden Choral Society
Harpenden Choral Society is a highly regarded amateur choir with a membership of approximately 90. With four concerts each season and an annual open workshop we aim to share our appreciation of choral music, performing in venues in Harpenden and the surrounding area with professional orchestras and soloists.

Harmony Club (The Kings of Herts)
In the 1980s, a group of young men in a Harpenden local put their heads together and decided to sing in harmony. They succeeded. Kings always succeed.

Today, we number around forty, including a healthy regular turnout of twenty five plus at weekly rehearsals, plus singouts, concerts, national events and home-and-away do’s with other harmony clubs.

Ages range from early twenties to infinity. We originate from all over the British Isles, but - of course - we’re based in Herts. We’re a harmony of bankers, a builder, an architect, a naval architect, a design engineer, an HR-man, two lecturers,  a minicab driver, a fireman turned educator, a shipbroker, some IT people, an oilman, a financial manager, a car mechanic, a wholesaler, a sales manager, a programme director, energetic retirees and, these days, a couple of job-seekers.
Hardynge Choir
Hardynge is the ancient name for Harpenden, dating from when it was a farming hamlet growing wheat for the nearby manor of Wheathampstead. The choir's name and logo symbolise these enduring connections.

The Hardynge Choir started in 1966 and continues to provide a challenging outlet for singers wishing to perform mainstream choral works alongside inventive programming and the commissioning of new repertoire. The choir currently has 70 to 80 members. 

There are no formal individual auditions for entry or ongoing membership.  We believe that singing should be taken seriously and worked at hard, but above all it should be fun and open to as many people as possible.

Three or four concerts are given each year, usually with professional orchestras and soloists.
Stagecoach Harpenden

With over 700 theatre schools and more than 40,000 students worldwide, Stagecoach is the UK's largest network of part time performing arts schools for children. Since our inception in 1988, our singing, acting and dancing classes have helped to build the confidence of many thousands of children, as well as providing a springboard for some of the country's leading young performers.
The Lea Singers
The Lea Singers are a Harpenden-based chamber choir of 30 singers. Our aims are to achieve high standards of singing and performance, and to contribute to our local community. In 2014 we launched our Summer Singing Festival, to create an event where local singers meet, discover and sing together.